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requests temporarily closed

welcome to this icons community!
join or watch for more updates (•ᴥ•)/♡
credits to shimian or oolait
(baekeyselu > sebums > oolait)

* credits are nice | please do not claim as your own *
「 icon requests​」

so, since i can't keep taking requests on tumblr (i'm afraid i can forget tbh orz), i open this officially! *throws confetti*


• i'd like to work mainly on exo / shinee, i'm just more comfortable working on them. but if you need some specific icons of other groups, i'd like you to send me pics links or any source where i can find their photos. i'm sorry but i suck at remembering new faces/names' groups members OTL

• i have a life (kind of) so i apologize i'm slow as fuck with requests. also, requests aren't my priorities, i do icons when i'm in the mood (lol rly). if you see i post icons but there isn't your req, don't worry! i didn't decline/forget it, i just need time /o\

• don't write more than once your req just because i didn't answer you yet, the msg will be deleted (but hey i trust in all of you ♥)

• if your request inspires me, i can even dedicate a whole post about it lmfao what i mean is i can do 5 or 100 icons, unless you tell me how many icons do you need~

• do not trust me completely omfg when i read the "do it like you prefer" i fcking go into panic because i don't know if our tastes could be similiar, maybe you hate what i love and you won't like my icons and lkjhgfds. okay.

• to write your request, i ask you to fill in this, please:

extra (pics/site links):

about "details" you can write anything you want, e.g. "i prefer my icons in b/w" or "can you put pink background in x icon?"

if you've read all this shit, you are the best and you deserve a big cookie \O/

Tags: !req, 1st
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slides in here wow i feel like you must be tired of me by now because i'm in ALL YOUR POSTS but --
group(s): exo / shinee
member(s): jongin&kris / taemin
details: sherlock era taemin, mama/late growl era jongin and yifan, pretty please with a cherry on top? i really really adored your style and coloring here, it was insanely gorgeous !! ahh since you said you wanted specific preferences maybe you could do something similar to that, but anything like your more recent coloring style is most definitely fine too! ; ~ ;
extra (pics/site links): i have no site links or pictures because i'm trash im sorry omfg
i'm really really really sorry for the late! TT
i'm going to work on you request very soon~
don't worry about it~ take your time!
group(s):: bts/toppdogg
member(s):: jimin, jungkook //bjoo
details:: the coloring you use here ; http://shimian.livejournal.com/4566.html or here http://shimian.livejournal.com/2602.html
extra (pics/site links): you can find jimin images here ; http://1995-1013.com/
jungkook images here; http://snowpeach.tistory.com/category/%EC%A0%84%EB%A7%89%EB%82%B4?page=3
bjoo images ; http://bjooya.com/

if you can't do it, it's fine! your icons are lovely btw ~
sorry for the late! i'm definitely done with school now, i'm going to work on both requests today, might post everything tomorrow or in 2 days c:
i'm glad you like them ;u; oh and thank you for linking me the sites~ *u*


July 6 2014, 20:19:30 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  July 6 2014, 20:19:43 UTC


group(s): exo
member(s): luhan
details: ur perfect bye
extra (pics/site links): http://i.imgur.com/lGZwSNW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/my84uVa.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pX6OaYn.jpg i have been trying to find some of his recent airport photos but i'm not at all satisfied tho ;-; so if you have some adequate pLS USE THEM IM BEGGING YOU. also ummmmm if you have time could you do me this kailu http://i.imgur.com/zZAfgtI.jpg

crying im in despair pls help me
brb posting


October 17 2014, 14:39:29 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  October 17 2014, 14:40:03 UTC

omg i don't know if you're still doing these but i love your icons so much

group(s): vixx / exo
member(s): leo, hongbin, hyuk (but if you wanted to just do leo that's totally cool with me too) / baekhyun, jongin
details: i lovveeddd your set of vixx icons that you made last time so anything similar to that will make me happy
extra (pics/site links): for vixx stuff i'm not picky at all but here are some photos you could use? http://fyeah-vixx.com/tagged/140922 http://fyeah-vixx.com/tagged/140920 any vixx icons will make me a happy camper though. and for baekhyun and jongin anything is cool i trust you wholeheartedly :D
i do! i'm kind of semi-hiatus because of uni but i managed to get a day break \o/
i think i will be able to post your icons later today or tomorrow c:
thank you so much btw TTTT and thanks for linking me the sources!
omg take your time don't rush at all okay if you need to take weeks that's cool with me as well