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requests temporarily closed

welcome to this icons community!
join or watch for more updates (•ᴥ•)/♡
credits to shimian or oolait
(baekeyselu > sebums > oolait)

* credits are nice | please do not claim as your own *
「 icon requests​」

so, since i can't keep taking requests on tumblr (i'm afraid i can forget tbh orz), i open this officially! *throws confetti*


• i'd like to work mainly on exo / shinee, i'm just more comfortable working on them. but if you need some specific icons of other groups, i'd like you to send me pics links or any source where i can find their photos. i'm sorry but i suck at remembering new faces/names' groups members OTL

• i have a life (kind of) so i apologize i'm slow as fuck with requests. also, requests aren't my priorities, i do icons when i'm in the mood (lol rly). if you see i post icons but there isn't your req, don't worry! i didn't decline/forget it, i just need time /o\

• don't write more than once your req just because i didn't answer you yet, the msg will be deleted (but hey i trust in all of you ♥)

• if your request inspires me, i can even dedicate a whole post about it lmfao what i mean is i can do 5 or 100 icons, unless you tell me how many icons do you need~

• do not trust me completely omfg when i read the "do it like you prefer" i fcking go into panic because i don't know if our tastes could be similiar, maybe you hate what i love and you won't like my icons and lkjhgfds. okay.

• to write your request, i ask you to fill in this, please:

extra (pics/site links):

about "details" you can write anything you want, e.g. "i prefer my icons in b/w" or "can you put pink background in x icon?"

if you've read all this shit, you are the best and you deserve a big cookie \O/

Tags: !req, 1st
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