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(94 icons) preview:

» credits would be nice ~
» please don't claim as your own
» comments are ♥

exo + woowon (request)

x030 x031 x032 s030
b027 b028 b029 jd020
jd021 cy017 cy018 do021
t017 ji028 ji029 ji030
sh057 sh058 sh059 sh060
sh061 r001 r002 r003
r004 r005 r006 r007

red velvet

rv001 rv002 rv003 rv004
rv005 rv006 rv007 rv008
rv009 rv010 rv011 rv012
rv013 rv014 rv015

@tumblr + woowon (requests)

b1a4001 b1a4002 b1a4003 b1a4004
b1a4005 b1a4006 b1a4007 b1a4008
b1a4009 b1a4010 b1a4011 b1a4012
blockc001 blockc002 blockc003 blockc004
blockc005 blockc006 blockc007 blockc008
blockc009 blockc010 blockc011 blockc012
blockc013 blockc014 vixx001 vixx002
vixx003 vixx004 vixx005 vixx006
vixx007 vixx008 vixx009 vixx010
vixx011 vixx012 vixx013 vixx014
vixx015 vixx016 vixx017 vixx018
vixx019 vixx020 vixx021 vixx022
vixx023 vixx024

another messy batch lol i wasn't supposed to post those exo icons because someone is missing but honestly i don't know when i'll be able to open photoshop again for the next weeks orz so better now than ever huh.
Tags: !icon, !req, group: b1a4, group: blockb, group: exo, group: red velvet, group: vixx
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