æri (sebums) wrote in shimian,


(60 icons) preview:

x033 x034 x035 x036
x037 s031 s032 s033
s034 s035 s036 y026
y027 y028 y029 y030
y031 b030 b031 b032
b033 jd022 jd023 jd024
jd025 cy019 cy020 cy021
cy022 cy023 cy024 do022
do023 do024 do025 do026
t018 ji031 ji032 ji033
ji034 ji035 ji036 sh062
sh063 sh064 sh065 sh066
sh067 sh068

L035 L036 L037 L038
boa001 boa002 boa003 boa004
boa005 boa006

i am really really sorry for the lack of tao's icons, i... always think i save enough pics for each member but it turns out like this most of the times and i'm so mad at myself, gosh. i promise i'll do more next time ㅠㅠ sighs sorry tao.

anyway, i'm glad i ended this batch in time to cELEBRATE EXO MAMAS AWARDS CONGRATS BOYS ♡
/shakes for the cb hint
Tags: !icon, group: exo, solo: boa, solo: luhan
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