æri(ka) (oolait) wrote in shimian,


(50 icons)

haha ohmygod it literally feels like ages since my last batch? thank god hunrene got me on work again ((:
2016 is here !!!!! new year new me new u/n i can finally say i'm satisfied with it, i promise no more changes lol.

i made these icons in 3 days (.......) and you can clearly see it as this batch is slightly going from quite-natural-psd to PINK BOMB PSD I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? SUDDENLY EVERYTHING WAS PINK BUT i like it, it suits ✿HUNRENE✿ the photoshoot, it seems like there's a concept :^) /pats self
i hope you enjoy it! i can get use to this gradient batch omg

Tags: !icon, group: exo, group: red velvet, pics: ceci
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